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Our watches are proudly designed in dublin, ireland.




53.3498° N, 6.2603° W

Sam McAllister created Stem Watches out of frustration with the astonishing profit margins in the retail watch industry. In traditional retail, a watch can be marked up to 10x the original price by the time it reaches you. We wanted to eradicate these predatory markups by adopting a new sales model.


From seed to forest.



We identify and intervene in areas where there is growing threat of further degradation. Our geographical focus is the tropics where forests and trees are more efficient at cooling temperatures through evapotranspiration and cloud reflectivity. Identify the root causes of forest degradation and work towards developing alternatives. 


We work with local communities to give them ownership, leverage local knowledge and enhance environmental stewardship capacity. The empowerment of women is central to most of our projects whether through training delivery, women-led micro-enterprises such as nurseries or other economic opportunities.


Improved ecosystem services are an essential outcome of all projects: such as a more sustainable supply of clean water, reduced erosion, lower landslide risk, flood/drought mitigation. We look to diversify income streams to make community livelihoods more resilient such as increasing the supply of forest-related products (medicines, foods, other resources), & monetary income from alternative sources.


Ethically planting trees through allows us to support and grow the local economy.


15 million trees planted to date

We plant a tree through our partners WeForest every time you buy a watch. Our partnership with WeForest helps us to give back to our earth & its communities. Each tree donated benefits local communities by creating bio-diverse, indigenous forests. The tree-planting in turn creates jobs that empower both men & women - enabling them to provide education for their children and families. Click here to see more projects.




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